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Afghan Petrol Group established in 2004 is one of the largest Petroleum and Liquid gas company in Afghanistan. Afghan Petrol Group has storage facilities for petroleum products and liquid gas with transportation and wagon services and has one of the largest sales network in country. It is one of the most advance company in the market with technical human resources. Afghan Petrol Group has 530 staff in Administration, Transport, technical and security inside Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Central Asia. The company has capability of transporting and throwing 1,100,00 ton of petroleum products and liquid gas.
Afghan Petrol group as an experienced company in Afghanistan and neighboring countries of central issue; Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation is one of the biggest and well known company among Afghan businesses and Central Asia countries.
Since 1990, Afghan Petrol Group with its group of companies has imported Petroleum and liquid gas with an experience of 28 Years. Afghan Petrol group is well known for its quality.


  • Nasir Ahmad Trading Ltd
  • Bradran Etehad Lltd
  • Turkmen-Afghan Transport
  • UNI Energy
  • United Energy
  • Bradaran Etehad Transit and Forwarding Ltd


Having your own fuel storage tank on site saves time and money. Renting fuel storage tanks from Afghan Petrol Group is a cost-effective, short-term solution for all your fuel storage needs. We can deliver the fuel storage tank you need, when you want it and at a price that fits into your budget.


َAfghan Petrol Group has a standard load / unload system in the country.
Vehicles and Wagons will be unloaded with standard procedures to Afghan Petrol Storage with standard norms.
Afghan Petrol Group will load the the goods as per climate standards. 


Afghan Petrol Group delivers fuel predominantly throughout Afghanistan and Central Asia.
Our aim is to encompass every aspect of our customers’ fuel haulage supply within a competitive market, with a customer focused company ethos.


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